Mounted Nautilus Shells Catalogue

I’ve been working on nautilus art since 2008, a seminar paper that would become an article, then a dissertation chapter, and eventually a book chapter. Along the way, I’ve built a dataset of objects that I’m now sharing as an on-line catalogue.

Dutch Textile Trade

Carrie Anderson of Middlebury College and I have been building this project for several years, growing out of our (separate) prior work on trade in the Dutch East and West India Companies. The project consists of a database of textile exchanges drawn from primary archival documents, an interactive map, and visualizations, and is coming soon.

Rebuilding Willemstad

My first Digital Humanities project, this is a repository of digital and digitized photography of the architecture of Willemstad, CuraƧao, capital of the Dutch West Indies from the 17th-20th centuries. A curated and truncated version of this information is available via this publication on Scalar.